About the Project


Forty years after the founding of the feminist organization La Morada, the need arose to recognize, reconstruct and safeguard our memory through the implementation and setting up of an autonomous, historical and open-access archive.

The Casa de la Mujer La Morada, founded in late 1983 and early 1984, holds a large collection of documents (more than 3,000 pieces) created and accumulated throughout all these years, including textual, graphic and audiovisual records type, among others, which required to be needed to be arranged, displayed and valued.

This archive contains part of the collective memory of various feminist women, groups and civil society organizations and also documents and contextualizes a portion of Chilean feminist history. Therefore, we aim to organize, classify, describe, digitize and make this archive available for consultation by other feminist organizations, researchers, students and the community in general, both physically at our headquarters (Av. General Bustamante #250, of 101) and digitally through the present repository.

Consequently, together with the processing of this historical documentation, we intend to promote the use of these records by new generations seeking to introduce other viewpoints, understandings and interpretations of our feminist history as well as to recover those stories, events, communities and individual women which have been neglected by the official narratives.

Creating the current historical archive of La Morada is part of the project "Memory and Archive: 40 years of La Morada ", carried out between 2023 and 2024, under the executive direction of Margarita Humphreys, the general coordination of Javiera Manzi and the head of communications Fernanda Budrovich. In addition, the project occurred within the social-political context of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the civil-military coup in Chile.